Rental / Hire Charges of the Woodwork Space and Machinery

Two different sized units, two fees..............

£70 (hire charge) + £5 ( damage waiver) = £75 per day     (NO VAT CHARGED)

£80 (hire charge) + £5 ( damage waiver) = £85 per day     (NO VAT CHARGED)

* Weekends are available for booking, BUT ONLY once a track record has been established. *

1. Bookings
i) Bookings can be made for the day, week or month; please check for availability by emailing or by mobile 07970 859455 

2. Deposits, Payments and Damage Waiver
i) There is a two hundred pound (£200) returnable deposit required to secure your booking.
ii) The hire charge is the daily rate multiplied by however many days you book.
iii) A 'Damage Waiver' of £5 per day is included in the hire charge and applied to all invoices.
iii) All payments to be paid in full and cleared in advance.

3. Health and Safety
i) You will be asked to complete a Risk Assessment Form and confirm your knowledge and ability to use the machinery and equipment involved; this will be part of the handing over process.
ii) You will be asked to confirm you will operate within health and safety guide lines and will wear the relevant protective clothing / equipment i.e. dust masks, goggles, ear defenders (which can be provided) and work boots as required within the machine shop.

4. Insurance
i) We strongly recommend you have Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for your own protection.

5. Hire Agreement and Liability Waiver
i) Once the Hire Agreement and Liability Waiver is signed by you, we provided a set of keys to the Woodwork Space and Business Centre giving you freedom of access to work at your own pace and make anything you want.

6. Terms and Conditions
i) We recommend you read our terms and conditions.

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