By paying your HWWS Invoice through PayPal you agree to the addition paypal administration charge being added to your hire fee and we will deduct it from your deposit.


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We accept payment using credit or debit cards through PayPal, but there is a Standard UK transaction fee is 2.9% + £0.30. If the payment is from a Europe PayPal account, the fee is 3.4% + £0.30. For payment received from other PayPal accounts, the standard transaction fee is 4.9% + £0.30

How to pay through PayPal

  1. Once you have agreed the days you want with (HWWS) we will send you an invoice which includes the PayPal charge.
  2. You go online to our website and click on the menu button PayPal which forwards you to our PayPal page.
  3. You then click on the "Pay Now" PayPal button and you are moved to their secure payment website.
  4. We then ask you to add your Invoice no as a minimum in the description section.
  5. You then enter your Total Invoice amount into the Unit Price box and press update totals.
  6. You can then pay either by PayPal or by using your credit or debit card by entering your details as instructed on the PayPal site.
  7. Once your payment has been autherised you will return to our website.






















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