Hammer® B3 Winner Comfort- Saw/Shaper

Demonstration showing the combination Table Saw with sliding table and Spindle Moulder. 

Please use the video as a guide only.

(N.B. In Unit 39 the B3 Machine is the 2004 model)

(N.B. In Unit 4 the B3 Machine is the 2005 model)

HAMMER A3 31 Planer-Thicknesser

Demonstration of how to use the HAMMER A3 31 Planer - Thicknesser and what you can achieve.

Please use the Video as a guide only.

There is no Horizontal Mortise or Extension tables.

(N.B. In Unit 39 the Hammer A3 31 is the 2004 model)

(N.B. In Unit 4 the Hammer A3 31 is the 2005 model)

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